EcoSystem Coaching®

The Leadership Journey
As with natural ecosystems, each member of the leadership ecosystem needs to be performing at its best for it to be heathy and viable. Our coaching approach focuses on the entire leadership ecosystem – not just the participant to produce sustainable results and a strong return on your investment.

Business Outcomes & Goals


We start with the desired business impact. When you improve the leadership you improve the business.

Leadership Attributes & Planning


Using business goals as our anchor, we define leadership gaps and build a coaching plan. Fail to plan... Plan to fail.

3D Coaching


Three Dimensional coaching works with the participant, their manager and first line leadership team. When everyone plays their part, the results happen faster and are more sustainable.

Success Measurement


Periodic reviews focus on business impact results as well as participant results. Measuring how leadership improves business results quantifies your investment in coaching.

Skills Reinforcement & Community


Activity based skill development paired with a peer based resource community deepens skill development and perspective. When you practice and are exposed to different approaches, it improves the ability to apply new skills.

Program Conclusion


Program conclusion evaluates overall success of the plan and identifies next steps. Growth is gradual, reflection is enlightening.

Pass it On


Pass it On® provides the participant with specific training and tools to convey their new knowledge to others.

Transferring newly acquired skills helps reinforce the participant capabilities and broadens the skill base deeper within the organization.